3 Ways to Develop Peace of Mind and Clarity Before Going to Work


So you woke up on Monday morning dreading going to work. If only you could put your favorite pajama set back on; you know, the set you always like to wear on your lazy days, which, if left up to you, would be every day. Come on, I know I’m not the only one who loves lazy days and sporting pajamas when I'm home. But unfortunately, we have to leave our cozy homes and take care of what’s important: paying bills, building skills, networking, and making career moves.

Like most people, Mondays are always the worst for me. However, I find it easy to follow my weekly routine to help me stay calm and cool.

Take a look at some of the tips below to help you get motivated to leave your home on Mondays:

Clear Out the Junk

It’s time to stop being okay with having a junk drawer and a messy home.
I suggest you get up around 9:30 am on Saturdays so you can start cleaning your home and getting rid of anything that has no use. The first simple task is to go through your junk drawer. It seems like many people have a drawer where almost anything can be found in there: receipts, lotion, mismatched socks, old gum, pens etc.

After you have gotten rid of useless items in the junk drawers, the next thing you want to do is tackle the rooms in your home. It is highly important that you know the purpose of the room. For example, if you are starting off with your bedroom, you want to make sure everything in that room is going to help you relax and unwind. Now if you are currently sitting in your bedroom looking at piles of clothes and empty water bottles spread all over then that’s obviously not going to give you peace of mind.

You want to wake up on Mondays knowing that your bedroom is clean, and is a great place to do whatever helps you to relax. And at the end of the day, when it’s almost time for you to leave work, you will go home knowing you have a nice cozy bedroom to go to.

Tip: I suggest you move the television and computer out of your bedroom. Instead, you can have a library full of books that will help increase your consciousness.

I got rid of my television five years ago and replaced it with a bookshelf filled with books by Queen Afua, Dr. Akua Gray, and Maya Angelou to help guide me on my journey in life.

Also, try thoroughly cleaning out your car as well.

Remember, if your car and home are both messy then your life will be messy.

Don’t Have Any Weekly Goals? You Better Find Some!

Before you start the week off, you need to have at least one goal you want to accomplish. Maybe you can get started on writing that blog post you’ve been putting off for so long. You can also take this time to gather all of your favorite quotes and create a “Monday Motivational Quotes” Pinterest board. And if you have some extra time on your lunch break, you can scroll through your board to help get you out of whatever funk you may be in.

Also look into creating a to-do list. Most people I speak with are so comfortable going to their unfulfilling jobs, coming home watching the same shows and getting prepared to do it all over again. They have absolutely no goals in mind.

So I try my best to get them thinking about future plans and what they can do right now to prepare for great things to come their way. And yes, it is true, goal setting, planning, and hard work will eventually pay off.

I’m almost 30, and I still hear negative comments about how I work too hard. But I always remember that if I work hard now, I will eventually reap the benefits of my hard work.

‘Me Time’ Starts Right Now


Stop going through life helping everyone but yourself. I suggest having some ‘me time’ in order for you to be at peace with yourself. For example, I’ve come across clients who find themselves in situations where they are scared to say “no,” especially when they are talking with family and friends. But they fail to realize that there is nothing wrong with saying that magic word. I consider it a magic word because it can really change your life. If you find yourself constantly saying ‘yes” then you need to make some changes as soon as possible. It is okay to say “no” when you just want to rest and not help your friend move into their apartment. It is okay to say “no” when you don’t want to offer free services to Aunt Jerry. And no you do not need to explain yourself. When people want to know why I can’t help them, I’ll just say, “Because I simply cannot.” Either I’m working on a project from work or putting together career plans for clients.

Really focus on yourself. If it doesn’t sit right with you then it is perfectly fine to say that magic word.

You should even create your own ‘Me Time’ list.

Here are some examples:

• Don’t be afraid to learn something new

• Use daily affirmations

• Always take care of your health

• Laugh and play.

Overall, once you create a plan to follow, you will start to see a drastic change in your Monday morning routines. No longer will you wake up feeling like pulling every strand of hair out or feeling depressed just thinking about what’s in store for you when you get to work. Instead, you will have more clarity and peace knowing that you have a plan to help diminish that stress. You will understand the importance of ‘me time,’ clearing out junk, and having weekly goals to help you have a great Monday and a great week.

Good luck!

Tell me what you currently do on Sundays to prepare for the workweek.

I want to know your thoughts! 🙂

Photo courtesy of Flixer: //embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js


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