3 Reasons Why You Might be an Emotional Vampire

Have you often found yourself sobbing to your friends, telling them just how much you suck? Or maybe you are calling them every single day in need of a shoulder to cry on. Whatever your tactic may be, you have to understand that the energy and vibration you give off can really stress your friends out, especially if you are not doing anything to change your current situation.

I remember when I was really cool with this girl I knew from high school. I would always ask her if she wanted to meet up for coffee or tea. But all she could do was talk about how her job sucked, her life sucked, and she wished she had more money to spend on materialistic items. I honestly felt like she was draining me of all of my energy. She is what you would call an emotional vampire. So this emotional vampire (my friend at the time) was unknowingly pushing me away. Her negative energy, lack us confidence in her abilities, and the fact that she never wanted to make a change, really had me pulling my eyebrows out (I really do have a bad habit of pulling my eyebrows–don’t judge me). Because of this, I eventually decided to distance myself from her.

Since you are reading this article, I take it you are probably checking to see if you are quickly pushing your friends away from you as well. Here are a few ways to know if you are an emotional vampire:

You always sit in the dark waiting for your next victim. What does this mean? It means that you are sitting home all alone waiting for someone to come over so you can throw all of your baggage at them.

You talk too much. When you are having a conversation with someone, you tend to talk and talk and often find the person just listening and not saying much. No, they are not just being a good friend by listening; they are just wondering how they can get you off of the phone.

You have no plan. Honestly, people can only take but so much before they cut people and things off. In this situation, I’m sure your friend wants the best for you, but if they feel like you are not making any effort to better your situation then you can expect to get the ax.

Now do you see why you just might be an emotional vampire? I mean, I hate to say that, but I wouldn’t be telling you truth if I didn’t. Just because you may fall into this category doesn’t mean you can’t pull yourself out of it.


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