Hey there!

I’m Jasmine, and I’m excited to meet you! I’m going to share a bit about me in dot points. And then an official bio. Hopefully, you are sitting in front of your computer with a cup of green or black tea, ready to digest this super long page. Don’t worry; it’s worth the read!

  • I spend a good deal of my time doing yoga and meditating.
  • I’m in a pretty good time in my life. I feel so confident in my skin and it feels good to spend my time doing what I love to do the most
  • It’s very hard for me to blow a fuse because I’m such a chill person.
  • I’ve written two eBooks, blogged for 6 years and created eCourses, workbooks and guides for interns.
  • I’m the founder of Jazz It Up Communications, LLC.
  • I’ve successfully presented my business pitch to a group of innovating business women who are members of the Hoboken Hudson County Chamber of Commerce.
  • I’ve helped young women to create strong writing portfolios for various internships.
  • I’ve previously worked as an editorial intern for Urbane Perspective Media + Lifestyles, LLC. I was also a managing editor for JAYE Magazine (now defunct).
  • I worked as the Circulation Manager at WholeFoods Magazine – a monthly magazine for retailers in the natural products industry.
  • I’m a vegetarian who eats fish from time to time.
  • I am obsessed with art and enjoy creating optical illusions. I think my 8th-grade teacher sparked my interest in creating optical illusions, but I like to add my own weird little twist on it.


Of course, my life hasn’t always looked and felt like this.

I still remember when I was all over the place. I didn’t know who I was and would find myself not wanting to go certain places because my confidence was not high at all.

I passed off so many great opportunities to showcase my skills, all because I wasn’t confident in my ability to succeed. I quickly learned that in order for me to do what I love to do and become a shining example to others who looked up to me, I had to do some serious work on JASMINE. I had to literally speak life into myself. After setting and accomplishing goals, raising my level of consciousness, and changing how I viewed myself, I’ve grown to become a confident woman who is working hard every day to continue to fulfill my purpose.

Along my journey, I have learned some life-changing lessons.

I was able to edit some things in my life, and now my mission is to to help business owners (like yourself) build their Business Communication skills so they can continue to grow successful businesses.


Because I see you being a confident writer and finally writing a plan to help fulfill your life purpose.

Imagine me working with you as your accountability coach.

Imagine yourself waking up each morning with a smile on your face, ready to tackle the day, and getting closer to your dreams.

Imagine your future full of opportunities that you won’t be afraid to dive right into because you will be sooo confident in your abilities.

Imagine you are taking the necessary steps to do what you love to do so you can work on your biz full time.

Imagine a world where you are no longer alone when it comes to accomplishing all of your life goals. You have someone who will create a detailed plan for you and will be on top of you every step of the way, making sure you are truly happy in life.

I’m here to make this world a reality for you, just as it is already for me.

Become powerful when it comes to business communication.

I believe in you, and most importantly, I’m here for you!!


Jasmine Burroughs has worked as an English instructor for 10 years. She has taught English to both elementary students as well as adults. Before Jasmine decided to teach Business English on a full-time basis, she was the Circulation Manager at WholeFoods Magazine. While working at WholeFoods, Jasmine deepened her skills in business and technical writing, marketing, email etiquette, presentations, editing, socializing, statistical analysis, and social media management. Jasmine’s rich background has allowed her to teach the art of Business English Communication to business owners, individuals, and English language learners.

Jasmine holds a Master of Arts in Professional Writing and a Bachelor of Arts in English. She is currently working on her Master of Education in English Language Learning. Jasmine is the owner and editor of Jazz It Up Communications, LLC., specializing in helping businesses, individuals, and English language learners build strong English skills in the area of business communication.