Business Classes

Have you ever felt nervous about putting your writing out there for the world to view?

Is your blog post all over the place?

Do you want to market your business online, but you don’t know how to write clear and concise content?

Are you looking to put your skills to good use by building your business?

Since you are still reading this page, you probably answered yes to at least one of the questions above.

As an English instructor, my mission is to help you to become confident when it comes to business communication. When you learn to master the art of business communication, you will be able to:

1. Write clear and concise emails to your clients/customers.
2. Produce engaging website content.
3. Manage your digital marketing campaigns.
4. Create instructional guides for your employees and interns.

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writingclasses2I also teach English 101 and English 102 for entrepreneurs and professionals looking to build their writing skills. General English classes focus on the following:

1. Presentations & Meetings
2. Grammar
3. Writing & Editing

If you are interested in taking English 101 and English 102 classes, please click here. These classes are taught one-on-one and to small groups of students.


Along with teaching general English classes, I also offer administrative training for current business owners as well as aspiring business owners. This training will give you the skills you need to start or build your business as a Virtual Assistant or an Online Business Manager.

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So, you finally realized that you were meant to be an entrepreneur, however, you are still struggling to find your purpose, and of course, monetize it. You’ve probably been spending most of your time working hard for someone else, and wondering how you can put what you do so well to good use? Or maybe you are a passionate entrepreneur, wondering if what you are doing is really what you are supposed to be doing in life.

Well, this lesson is just for YOU!

I want you to know that when you have found your purpose in life, you will no longer question if what you are doing is what you are supposed to be doing—you will just know because it will feel right in your gut.

This FREE lesson is for entrepreneurs looking to create a plan that will help them to figure out their TRUE purpose in life so they can get paid to do what they were born to do.

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